Sketched Out!

Sketched Out!

Is going to be at Studio 113 in the Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna BC. This is about New projects beginning, and your chance for an original art work, and our chance to make space.

The event will be for One day only, so if you have had your eye on a particular piece of art work this would be the event to come to.  The events is being tagged as ‘almost gifted to you –  for you to gift to some one else’. That is if your interested in giving the work as a gift, but at these prices one for you and one to give is always nice.

The event runs 9:30- 6:00pm on November 26th. Everyone who stops by is also eligible to enter a draw to win an original paint


Blank Cards

(Side note: Dec 2 is the recommended date for Canada post to get your goodies out in time for Christmas)

Original Etchings



So Much more!

For all you savey Etsy shoppers has great giving goodies and free shipping till Christmas. Promo Code: This1onT




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