Monthly Archives: January 2012

My Newest Challenge ‘Hope’

Some of you may have heard about a thing called ‘The Sketch Book Project’. It’s a group of people who are putting together a visual library for anyone who would like to share their self expression.

So naturally… I signed up! At first I thought how hard would it be to fill a little 32 page 5 x 7 paperback. I thought, I got this! Since each book can be provided with a theme word it should be no problem to get started. After all this project is meant to be a inspiration and idea builder, not only for me but to share with others. So how hard can this be?

My little brown paperback showed up in October of 2011. My theme word was ‘Hope’ and how appropriate as we were entering into 2012 and new challenges are about to begin. I immediately put my little sketch book into my purse with a small selection of my favorite drawing tools, and there it lived un-touched for about a month and a half. Yes this little book presented quite the challenge for me. What if my drawings suck? What if my book is the worst or even uninspiring?  And on and on the pressure for my idea of perfection mounted into one giant creative block. Not only is everyone challenged with the creative funk of December and January, I now had to add the filling of a sketch book to mine!

December showed up and that was it! I was going to get started crappy drawing or not it was time, this challenge was meant to de-funk the December and January months. For me it was now or never, so I got started. One drawing after the other, one mark, one page at a time, this book was going to get filled. A little each day, lunch time, after work, before work, and before I knew it I was well on my way. The book was filling up.

I’m not saying it’s perfect or that it’s a finished masterpiece. But I will say that I have worked and re-worked this book for a long while now and it feels good to actually break the funk and push through it. I am every excited and very happy with my little book. I found fresh ideas, had fun with some old ones and have inspired myself. This entire process has given me a renewed belief in my art practice. Maybe next year I’ll order my book a touch earlier and see how I get things done with a little more time.

You can sign up to becomes apart of 2013. or just view the uploaded books in the online library to get a little inspiration.

The Sketch book’s of the 2012’s Sketch book Project will be uploaded soon, so keep you eyes out for inspiration.