More Than Just the Surface

Wow! An art opening and a Wine Art & Music Event as well!

What an amazing night full of great people. We had a blast not to mention a bit of wine. The night was such a hit that I felt my voice slipping away from me. I chatted and chatted and spoke the language of printmaking. I love to share with anyone whom wants to know more about print and it’s process. What more could I have asked for.

I will speak for Angela and say that I am sure she had a blast! Not only was Angela doing live painting but she also had a graffiti wall set up with a sign that said ‘If  no one was looking what would you write?’ The response was over whelming, a ton of people participated more than once. I am excited to revisit the wall this weekend to see if I spot something new.

Angel and I were not the only visual artists, there were many other artists involved in the event as well. They too had a great time painting and talking and having a little wine. The performers were amazing and entertaining both on and off the stage, there never seemed to be a dull moment. Everyone was full of laughter, smiles, and great energy. I am very proud that we got to collaborate and join in on this celebration.

Thank you to everyone who puts this type of event together and thank you everyone who participated.

This picture are not up yet, but below is a link you can look at to see them soon.



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