Monthly Archives: June 2012

Process an Evolution

Evolution and time, two reoccurring themes related to my art practice.

I have been working on a 18×24 inch cradle panel for long while now. The image gets to a certain point then I find that I leave it hanging or leaned against the wall. It is during this hanging time that I want to really look at it, make a choice and eventually act on it. For me this practice is common in my adventures in painting, but when it comes to printmaking I am quick to make a choice and act on it now.

In my practice of printmaking there is a process that forces me to think, reflect, then decide. At times I think ‘wow Trina your acting fast’ but really I’m not, I’m just more aware of the print process. I have time to think, because I am waiting for the paper to soak up enough water to make a great emboss, or waiting for the acid to etch the line I drew earlier. While I take my time to methodically wipe the plate clean of excess ink, I am constantly visually engaged with the image but not in the same direct way I am with a painting. In print each step in defined by process and each process makes you visit the work in a different way visually, and texturally. So with painting I forget all of that, and think ‘wow I am taking my sweet time with this work’. When really I am not taking that long at all…. well lets just say I am learning a new way to define my process.

Like many of my paint/drawing images I often leave works in a frozen state, not finished but finished with my idea for that moment. Then I leave it until I get the next idea for direction. Just starring at it until it becomes apart of my every day then bam I get an idea, and I go again.

Stage one: get the drawing on the board. I just started to draw and the the little guy just shows up. A flower of some sort, and a very enjoyable drawing to discover. But then it sits, I stare, and it waits.

Stage two and three: sorry I do not have photo but I coloured the back ground in a perry winkle blue. Yes the whole thing, and yes I thought it looked funny. So I painted in a volcanic mass, green and yellow, to break the space up. Yes you got it, it sits,I stare, and it waits.

Stage four: sorry no photo, I paint the critter with a pearlized white. Don’t ask why because I don’t know, for some reason I think it’s gonna look great. The work had been sitting around for about six months, and it was time to react and do something. I’m not suggesting it was a great move, but remember paint is a new process, and it’s evolution will take time.

So on a Studio Friday, after a long look at an even larger, and very texture white surface a saw this guy hanging on the wall and I had an idea! I also wanted to use a pen and nib. So as you can see the pen and nib was going to be a long adventure but I stuck it through, after all I did enjoy the rhythmic drawing style.

This is what I mean by evolution, and how it works for me in my art. Today with one particular painting/drawing, it was about the slow mythological development of the process. That process takes time to be learned, time to be created, and the evolution of all processes are continuous.

I bet you know were this guy is right now… Yes back on the wall awaiting the next change. Feel free to drop a suggestion or two, you know I love feed back.

Happy Painting!