Monthly Archives: July 2012

Summer Time

Summer and gardening have seemed to take over my artistic practice right now.  Does gardening count as a art…..? Well if it does I have a very nice garden right now and it has inspired a new series of cards. I call them the ‘Summer Selections’.  Yes it is kinda cheesy but when you see the cards you will get it.

I have been creating a few smaller etching that are also garden themed. Hum.. I wonder if it’s summer or gardening that has taken over.  Back to the plates,  I only have images of the plates themselves. I hope to have them printed before the end of July so keep an eye out for them on paper. They will look very different once printed, but I thought you may like to see them anyways. I just love… love how the copper can look so pink.

I have also been tackling a number of large painting. Yes I did say paintings. Funny how you take on so many projects in the summer, more than you would in the winter. I wonder if it’s because the sun stays out longer and since we have more day light we feel like we have more time…

Well for now I am off to find some more of that time.



PS If you want to see more of the cards go to my shop name is tganson.