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Calls for Artists!

Hello And Good Morning!

Here are a few more calls for artists.This time it’s for North Vancouver BC. Have look you may find something your interested in! And mark your calenders for a few more great shows to attend.

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Unspoken Secrets Pushing the Envelope.

For those of you who like to push the envelope, or simply have an work of art that you think is erotic in its own way, this is the show for you.

The word erotic can become a lot of different things, and this art show is bound to showcase the versatility of the word. If you are interested in the events origins or how to get involved just check out their website. Below is a bit more information about 2013’s event.

The Call to Artists for the 2013

Okanagan Erotic Art Show is now out!


Deadline is Mar 15 2013, firm! No late entries will be acknowledged.

Theme is Unspoken Secrets, lyrics from the Phantom of the Opera, Past the Point of No Return.

The event will be at  Sparkling Hill Resort Opening Night July 5 7-10 pm

What a Year!

Well 2012 seems to have went by so fast. I can hardly remember what my goals were, perhaps I achieved a few of them. If not then I guess they were not that important, or they will naturally become a part of 2013’s list. What can I say? Goals are great, but only as starters, just like art you never know where your going to end up with. Isn’t that the fun part? 

2012 was a great year of creativity! I participated is a few art shows and learned a ton about myself as a artist. I challenged myself in a few different types of creativity and learned fast that painting, and sculpture where not my strong points in 2012. I sure had fun trying however and I am most certain going to try again. Who knows this could be the year it all comes together, my painting skills that is. lol

One of my many challenges this year, besides finding more time to do printmaking, and getting my very own printing press, is to create a web page or atleast keep this one updated with my newest artistic endeavors. Everything else boils down to developing a better understanding of social media, and all the counter parts.

But whatever happens the same goals are always with me, make time for art! lol funny how some things never change.

By the way I do have a few new goodies on Etsy, you know where to go, but just in case type this in your search bar (or copy and paste) :

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