Monthly Archives: July 2014

Keep Trying

A few months back I was informed that Strathmore Artist Papers put a call out to the world of artists asking for new art works for their 2014 Card Art contest, so naturally I sent a few images their way. I thought why not, you gotta start some where. With fingers crossed I hoped that maybe I could be one of the luck ones to have my artwork and name on a box of blank cards, offering inspiration to others. It was just the other day I  heard back from Strathmore, it was a very nice email and the Strathmore team thanked me for my interest, etc. At the end of the wonderful letter they regretted to inform me that they did not select any of my images a winner. Bummer! You win some and you lose some, but art is subjective and the three images that were selected are really great! In the end I was and am still happy that I had put myself out there and gave it ago. I’m gonna try again next time around, because you never know when yours will be the perfect fit.  Congratulation to the three winners you all have created a wonderful work of art. To everyone like me who just went for it, Good Job! Way to put yourself out there and see what happens. Here is the link to the 2014 Card Art Contest.


Until next time, have a great adventure with an art supply!



I’m Back….

Hello All,

I am back and am ready to start sharing my art and art experiences with you once again. I fell off the wagon of one a days, but I hope to get right back on again. I have been working on a few paintings, block prints, cards, and one of my newest loves, handmade books. This week I had the pleasure of playing with Golden Artist Colors newest product a watercolor called QoR. This is a Very cool product with a few unique colors, and not to mention it’s a something ‘new’ for the watercolour world. The paint constitutes quickly and the saturation of colour is FABULOUS. I really did enjoy my play time with this product, and I will be adding a few QoR colors to my collection of watercolours. If your into watercolour give this new product a try you will not be disappointed. Other than product playing I’m just working away and doing me best to keep my art up to date and available on line, I have even updated my blog pages. I did not add a ton of new works, but instead added the links to other sites that have my work rotating. I feel like this is the best way as I am always creating and honestly these websites are just easier to add art to. Here on Trina Ganson Blog I hope to continue to share what I am learning about art materials, my art experiences, and add pics that relate to those topics. Perhaps you’ll find some time to explore the web links and see a few other artists that might inspire you to give something a go.

Until next time, thanks for keeping in touch.