I’m Back….

Hello All,

I am back and am ready to start sharing my art and art experiences with you once again. I fell off the wagon of one a days, but I hope to get right back on again. I have been working on a few paintings, block prints, cards, and one of my newest loves, handmade books. This week I had the pleasure of playing with Golden Artist Colors newest product a watercolor called QoR. This is a Very cool product with a few unique colors, and not to mention it’s a something ‘new’ for the watercolour world. The paint constitutes quickly and the saturation of colour is FABULOUS. I really did enjoy my play time with this product, and I will be adding a few QoR colors to my collection of watercolours. If your into watercolour give this new product a try you will not be disappointed. Other than product playing I’m just working away and doing me best to keep my art up to date and available on line, I have even updated my blog pages. I did not add a ton of new works, but instead added the links to other sites that have my work rotating. I feel like this is the best way as I am always creating and honestly these websites are just easier to add art to. Here on Trina Ganson Blog I hope to continue to share what I am learning about art materials, my art experiences, and add pics that relate to those topics. Perhaps you’ll find some time to explore the web links and see a few other artists that might inspire you to give something a go.

Until next time, thanks for keeping in touch.



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