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April Show & Studio Sale

Hello All!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend full of family and friends! I had a wonderful weekend with family, and I some how I managed to get into the garden and start my seeds. I am looking forward to spring and a new season of growth.

I am writing to let you all know that this weekend April 10, 11, &12 will be my Final Show & Sale with Studio 113 at the Rotary Centre for the Arts. I am both excited to begin my new adventure in life as a mother, but I am also very sad to leave such a wonderful space and good friends. As some of you may already know this is the final hurrah to the March Madness Sale. All artworks in the studio will be 50% off the labeled price, that includes framed artworks & paintings. I will also have all of my hand bound books marked at $5 off the labeled price. So this is a great time to invest in an original Ganson art work.

Both of my Studio Mates will also be showing their art works and selling them a great prices as well.



Studio 113 in the Rotary Centre for the Arts

421 Cawston Ave, Kelowna, BC

Dates: April 10, 11, 12

Times: 10-4pm each day

We are all looking forward to seeing you during our event and hope that you will see something you just can’t live with out.



March Madness

Hello All,

Here are a few more art works looking for homes. Today I’m posting a few big works. Enjoy and as always I look forward to your thoughts.

2015-02-27 11.54.32

Red Sun Over the Blue Horizon Acrylic on a Wood Cradle Panel Size: 20×32 inches Original price: $300


Rest in the Clouds Acrylic on a Wood Cradle Panel Size: 40×60 inches (Framed with a thin white powder coated steel frame) Original price: $1250 cdn

tganson 14

Print Foundation #1 Mixed Media on a Wood Cradle Panel Size: 47×38.25 inches Original Price: $500 This is an older work and the edges are a little beat up but she is still a beauty.

Made in Canada & A Cultural Crawl!

I know that this is coming down the pipe quick. I have been busy getting ready for two very wonderful events happening this weekend and all across Canada! The first one is the Cultural Crawl, or other wise know as Canadian Cultural Days. Here in the sunny Okanagan Kelowna will be part taking in this event and the West Side alone will have over 80 Artists setting up shop and opening studios there. So Check out your local paper for a Cultural guide as this is an whole country events! Friday, September 26, Saturday September 27, and Sunday, September 28, 2014.

Then there is the Esty Made in Canada Show! This is also an across Canada show but will only be found in select cities, but the product will not disappoint. Below are a few links to find out more about this event and to see if one is in your neighborhood. The one I will be attending will be in Kelowna held at the Sandhill Winery located at 1125 Richter St, Kelowna, BC. on Saturday September 27th, 2014, from 10-5pm. This are all FREE events to attend so get out there and see what`s in your community!

I hope you get inspired!


Links to Connect you!





Finding Bravery!


I thought it was time I got caught up. Where to start…. You might remember the posts I send out about up coming art shows that you could maybe challenge yourself with and enter? Well I did exactly that, I send works out into the big world and hoped for the best. Now I was not accepting into every one of the shows I applied for, but with effort and a new sense of what it means to be brave I did get into Two!

Yes it is true this Thursday April 4th 7-9pm You can see two of my very new and hot off the press monotypes on display in what I think to be amazing frames, that I put together myself! I think they look good and the owner of Sopa Art Gallery did too! The two images can be found in Sopa’s annual U8 show. This show will have over 40 artists and 400 works of art all for under $800. To learn more about this amazing art gallery, or how to get involved for next year check out their web page.


For those of you whom can not make it to the show for various reasons here they are:

Monotype V

Monotype I







The second show…… Yep you got it the Okanagan Erotic Art Show. Just wild, you never know what the jury is going to pick and well they pick me to be one of the artists to show in this years event. The links for this show, and information about the event which happens this summer are in the “Unspoken Secrets” Blog.  I was really surprised I had created a few over the top girly images that were quit abstract and thought at the last day… I just gotta go for it!

Here they are!Pear

Tganson Out side of my monotype madness, I have actually been finding time to work on my painting skills. I must confess I did take a class, and at first it was a bit nerve racking, but I found it so very helpful. The painting below was created with the same techniques we did our class, well almost, I did this one in full colour. I challenged my colour mixing abilities, and I think I did a’ok. I choose to re due the same type of painting to reinforce what I had learned in the class. Not only did I learn something new, I retained most of what I was taught… now I have to apply those same concepts to create my critters.

So this is what I have been up to all winter. I hope to have a few new paints done very soon, and also plan on posting more often.

Be Brave! and you will always learn something.


Perhaps you to will consider taking a class, that is if you were having as much trouble as I was, other wise keep on painting on!

Oil painting in stages:

2013-02-05 08.30.26-1 2013-02-12 10.56.52 2013-03-01 10.43.44

Summer Time

Summer and gardening have seemed to take over my artistic practice right now.  Does gardening count as a art…..? Well if it does I have a very nice garden right now and it has inspired a new series of cards. I call them the ‘Summer Selections’.  Yes it is kinda cheesy but when you see the cards you will get it.

I have been creating a few smaller etching that are also garden themed. Hum.. I wonder if it’s summer or gardening that has taken over.  Back to the plates,  I only have images of the plates themselves. I hope to have them printed before the end of July so keep an eye out for them on paper. They will look very different once printed, but I thought you may like to see them anyways. I just love… love how the copper can look so pink.

I have also been tackling a number of large painting. Yes I did say paintings. Funny how you take on so many projects in the summer, more than you would in the winter. I wonder if it’s because the sun stays out longer and since we have more day light we feel like we have more time…

Well for now I am off to find some more of that time.



PS If you want to see more of the cards go to tganson.etsy.com my shop name is tganson.

Process an Evolution

Evolution and time, two reoccurring themes related to my art practice.

I have been working on a 18×24 inch cradle panel for long while now. The image gets to a certain point then I find that I leave it hanging or leaned against the wall. It is during this hanging time that I want to really look at it, make a choice and eventually act on it. For me this practice is common in my adventures in painting, but when it comes to printmaking I am quick to make a choice and act on it now.

In my practice of printmaking there is a process that forces me to think, reflect, then decide. At times I think ‘wow Trina your acting fast’ but really I’m not, I’m just more aware of the print process. I have time to think, because I am waiting for the paper to soak up enough water to make a great emboss, or waiting for the acid to etch the line I drew earlier. While I take my time to methodically wipe the plate clean of excess ink, I am constantly visually engaged with the image but not in the same direct way I am with a painting. In print each step in defined by process and each process makes you visit the work in a different way visually, and texturally. So with painting I forget all of that, and think ‘wow I am taking my sweet time with this work’. When really I am not taking that long at all…. well lets just say I am learning a new way to define my process.

Like many of my paint/drawing images I often leave works in a frozen state, not finished but finished with my idea for that moment. Then I leave it until I get the next idea for direction. Just starring at it until it becomes apart of my every day then bam I get an idea, and I go again.

Stage one: get the drawing on the board. I just started to draw and the the little guy just shows up. A flower of some sort, and a very enjoyable drawing to discover. But then it sits, I stare, and it waits.

Stage two and three: sorry I do not have photo but I coloured the back ground in a perry winkle blue. Yes the whole thing, and yes I thought it looked funny. So I painted in a volcanic mass, green and yellow, to break the space up. Yes you got it, it sits,I stare, and it waits.

Stage four: sorry no photo, I paint the critter with a pearlized white. Don’t ask why because I don’t know, for some reason I think it’s gonna look great. The work had been sitting around for about six months, and it was time to react and do something. I’m not suggesting it was a great move, but remember paint is a new process, and it’s evolution will take time.

So on a Studio Friday, after a long look at an even larger, and very texture white surface a saw this guy hanging on the wall and I had an idea! I also wanted to use a pen and nib. So as you can see the pen and nib was going to be a long adventure but I stuck it through, after all I did enjoy the rhythmic drawing style.

This is what I mean by evolution, and how it works for me in my art. Today with one particular painting/drawing, it was about the slow mythological development of the process. That process takes time to be learned, time to be created, and the evolution of all processes are continuous.

I bet you know were this guy is right now… Yes back on the wall awaiting the next change. Feel free to drop a suggestion or two, you know I love feed back.

Happy Painting!