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It’s That Time of Year Again!

ArtWalk 2014!

Lake Country ArtWalk, the largest of its kind in the BC interior, showcases original works of art and live performances created by visual and performing artists living in the Okanagan Valley. More than  300  artists of all media are exhibiting over 3000 original works of art. Artist Angela Bonten, Sarah Parsons, and Trina Ganson from Studio 113 will be there this year. If your around stop in and say hello, we’d love to hear what you think.


Saturday & Sunday, September 6 & 7, 10am-5pm


Lake Country Community Complex

10241 Bottomwood Lake Rd, Lake Country, BC – View Map  Parking Info

Price:   Only a Toonie ($2)

Proceeds from ArtWalk go to supporting the arts in our community.

Artwalk is truly a community event with many volunteers working hard to make this festival happen, and with community groups contributing in numerous ways.


Hope to see you there!



Artwalk Resonates

Although I was not at Artwalk this Sunday, my mind was still digesting all the wonderful works that I saw as well as all the information that was presented to me. This is a two day event and I was only there for one of the days and all I can say is WOW.  The experience that I got in just one day was worth every moment of prep. Just a ton of wonderful encouraging words of kindness and inspiration from everyone that stopped by to have a look at what I was creating. I am still overwhelmed by all the amazingly talented artist that surrounded me. This was truly an amazing event.

Day two: Today my Mother was so kind to step into my shoes and represent me at Artwalk, as I had to work. All day she was called ‘Trina’ and I think that after a while it became a bit of a fun joke for her and a few of the surrounding artists. It was nice to have her there because I got a ton of feed back and she talked with me about  her perception of the show. Not to mention how awesome is it to have your mom represent you! I also think that because I was not around folks felt a little more chatty and shared some of their personal thoughts about my work. So I was very thankful for that form of feed back as well. My mom was so amazed at how welcoming everyone was and how interactive the viewers were. She had one of the most wonderful times, and I am sure she has been inspired to pick up her brush once again.

Both of us had one day of non stop inspiration and both of us are totally exhausted.

I want to thank everyone who took some time out of there day to come by Artwalk. It was not only wonderful to see you but even more wonderful to share with you what it is that we do.  A big Thank you to all.

Adventures at Artwalk

My First day at Okanagans Lake country Artwalk was amazing. Three years back, I belonged to the Night Mode Gallery, and I got to show a few works at artwalk. This year was different because this was my first time displaying as an solo artist. The experience that I had today in comparison to last time was very different. Since I was solo people were able to see my body of work as a hole, it really made a difference in viewing. The feed back from the viewers and other artists was priceless. The four words that were used the most to describe my works were; different, refreshing, unique, and fun. I was so happy to share my story with others, and even more excited that they wanted to hear them. Any show like this would be more than worth the efforts, because the information that people share with you is amazing. I thank everyone who took the time to have a look at my art, your words are very appreciated.

I also decided to get involved and do a live painting. Yep a live painting! Since this years artwalk theme was “eye tunes” I had the pleasure of painting a still life of musical instruments in fifteen minutes! Crazy, and super fun! I have never in my life done anything thing like this, I must say it exciting.

Lakecountry Artwalk will be on 10-5 September 10-11, 2011 go have a look and let me know what you think. 300 Artist’s makes for great inspiration!