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One Beer, Two Beer, Three Beer Down



An amazing evening, with even more amazing artists! Everyone warmed my heart, it was and is such an honor to be apart of this event, not to mention being apart of Opus Kelowna.  I had a blast, maybe one beer to many, but I encourage you to stop by the art gallery and check the show out or look it up on line and see the amazing online catalog that has been created. You will not be disappointed.

Even amidst the beer, and people, and late night I still worked out a one a day…. I’m not sure how.. but here it is.

Day 17 – a simple pink watercolour sphere embraced by a mystery critter.

day 17

Day 18 – I must admit the residue of beer seems to linger a lot longer as I get older. Next time around I will have to make a note to stop at one.  After a lot of water, rest, and more water, I found a some creative moments. It seems that me and my watercolours go hand in hand for these one a day challenges, and I am starting to enjoy the small scale, at last. However that being said, it could all change by tomorrows one a day. Today I decided to create a work that reflected the mild January weather we’ve been having here, a couple of spring blooms.


Day 18

These flowers may also represent my urge for youthfulness, the spring chicken… an age when the mild hangover three beer gave would have been gone first thing in the day.

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Calls for Artists!

Hello And Good Morning!

Here are a few more calls for artists.This time it’s for North Vancouver BC. Have look you may find something your interested in! And mark your calenders for a few more great shows to attend.

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Two Great Events

As promised Two Great Shows, Two Weekends, and all in One Month!

Studio 113 in the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna BC. Will be having a wonderful event Friday November 16th. But before that weekend this weekend November 10 + 11 is the ‘Art For Almighty’ Hosted by the Potters Addict which is also located in the Rotary Centre for the Arts. Both events are a must see, but if you can only make it to one it will be a tough choice. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Falling from Summer

I have been out of the writing loop for a while. Here is a little snapshot of what I have been up to:

Summer was an amazing adventure. Camping is usually the main event on my list but this year we switched it up. We did one major road trip that brought us up through the Northern tundra of British Columbia into Watson lake Yukon, down the coast and back down to the Sunny Okanagan. This province is truly amazing! We camped beside natural hot springs, sat near glaciers with the hot sun on our faces, and walk through lava fields that are hundreds of years old. There are few words that can describe all that we saw, but this is one trip I recommend for everyone truly inspiring!

As our summer adventures wind down and the weather begins to change, I have been busy canning. Yes the old time preservation of food commonly done from the produce of ones garden. Which has been both sad and rewarding, as I have really enjoyed watching it grow. You may remember a post about my garden inspired cards?

Soon the leaves begin to fall and its time to carve the pumpkins! Halloween has just appeared! Wow time has slipped by. I do enjoy seeing all the kids and their imaginative costumes. But it saddens me that with each year there are fewer and fewer kids, this Halloween we got 11 trick or treaters.

This November I had a wonderful opportunity to partake in a local artisans event. Fabulous Finds. Two days of art, artists, and wine.  The Sunny Okanagan has a lot of art events this holiday season and this was one event that I really did enjoy.  Next on the list for fun art events is Art for Almighty, November 10th & 11th. All day at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna BC. Then Studio 113 November 16 & 17 in the very same building.  The Christmas Craft Show will be at Ellison Hall in Kelowna BC November 24th. I will write more info in regards to these shows soon.
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Updates on a Few Things.

You may remember in my last post ‘One Print at a Time’. My studio mates and I had set out personal goals for our show and sale.

Let me start off by saying, Julia Trops made her goal! Julia needed enough money to get to Italy, and to be able to do an artist residence for one month! Amazing goal to be meet when you are only generating money by selling your art. And this Lady has done exactly that, Amazing! Congratulations Julia!

As for my personal goal for an etching press… well I still need to work on a few more sales. But I will make that goal.. because if Julia can do it… Need I say we all can with some elbow grease and a will to make it happen.

On another note. Some time back you may remember that I was working on a soapstone carving. Well I have put that on hold, only because winter has come to my neck of the world. If you have worked with this type of stone you are full aware of how dusty it is, and this dust gets every where. So I have put it on hold, but know that I will finish it this spring and post my trials and errors with pictures of what my first finish soapstone object looks like.

I am looking forward to spring but I am more than happy to put my energy back into creating my critters on paper.


One Print at a Time!

Hello Everyone,

Some of you may know that we (Studio 113) did a show and sale not to long ago called “Sketched Out”. It was alot of fun and because of that my studio mates and I thought we would do it one more time before the year is out.      Sketched Out II December 10th 9-3pm

There are a lot of changes happening at Studio 113, and we each have a goal or two of our own during 2012.

One of our members has already left to take up residence in Mexico! Lucky lady! Lucky Mexico Laurie Copeman is an amazing painter. We bid her fair well and sent her on to new adventures with best wishes. We will miss you!

Julia Trops is also leaving Studio 113 at the end of December. Julia has an opportunity to do an artist residency in Italy some where. We wish her the best of luck and are really excited to see the new works that pour out of her during and after her adventures. She too will be missed… but truth be told she will be closer to us, and coffee dates can be arranged. lol

Ang and myself will be staying in the Studio, continuing our classes and own art practices. I can not speak for her but I can tell you I am going to be using this year to get a few bodies of work off the ground in order to get a show or two. A touch of drawing, a bit of painting, and a lot of print.

My main goal this year is to sell enough art to fund my own printing press. I am in the market for an etching press and with the hopes that it will be big enough to print a 16×20 inch work with a large white boarder. How will I reach this goal..?.. well, all art works from now until I met my goal of $3500 will be tucked away until a purchase of a press can be made.

Oh! How can you Help?  This is a great Question! Come by the Studio 113 and make a purchase, or give a donation… (purchase is better) and help out. Every little bit will be a great help in the end goal.

One print at a time!

Sketched Out!

Sketched Out!

Is going to be at Studio 113 in the Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna BC. This is about New projects beginning, and your chance for an original art work, and our chance to make space.

The event will be for One day only, so if you have had your eye on a particular piece of art work this would be the event to come to.  The events is being tagged as ‘almost gifted to you –  for you to gift to some one else’. That is if your interested in giving the work as a gift, but at these prices one for you and one to give is always nice.

The event runs 9:30- 6:00pm on November 26th. Everyone who stops by is also eligible to enter a draw to win an original paint


Blank Cards

(Side note: Dec 2 is the recommended date for Canada post to get your goodies out in time for Christmas)

Original Etchings



So Much more!

For all you savey Etsy shoppers tganson@etsy.com has great giving goodies and free shipping till Christmas. Promo Code: This1onT



Work Space – Studio 113



This month the the Galeria, the showcases and the main Atrium of the Rotary Center for the Arts will be filled with work from the artists of STUDIO 113.    JULIA TROPS, TRINA GANSON, ANGELA BONTEN, and LAURI COPEMAN explore their artistic expression independent of each other — each pursuing different mediums, different vision.

JULIA TROPS – Julia is a master of the art of freestyle impressionism. Her enthusiasm for color and form has spread  from paint to sculpture and back again – from figures to flowers — from technicolor to black and white.

LAURI COPEMAN – ‘I endeavor to paint my dreams – my whole journey right now is in the study of old master’s styles so that I can communicate these visions more clearly.’

ANGELA BONTEN  – ‘As an artist I am exploring my environment through the marks I make; whether it is a conceptual work such as my recent exhibition “Evolutionary Fugue” (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb0JvHOGmFo ) or just taking time to relax and paint in nature. I make art… just because I do!’

TRINA GANSON – Trina’s realm is printmaking and paintwork. Her marvelous Critters and Creatures remind us that even the things we ignore have presence and — even romance.

I personally have very large works in this show, and it would be nice to here your thoughts… good or bad feed back is always welcome.

WORK SPACE  is a celebration of diversity and cooperative intent.