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Day 8 – One A Day Challenge

I can hardly believe I was excited to watch paint dry. Yes crackle paint is actually exciting, and this crackle paint takes a few days to fully cure so I have allowed myself two more days of alterations. The product I am using is from a local company in Vancouver BC. They make and sell their paint right in the heart of Granville Island. Here is there link if you are interested in learning more about them, or want to get your hands on some of their product to try for yourself!  http://www.kromaacrylics.com/ They also make a full line of great acrylic paints.

For today creative project I did a simple line drawing, and will continue to develop this image over the next two days. I visited these types of critters many years ago and was surprised that I was drawn to draw them again. I think you will be seeing more of these types of whimsical critters in my future works.  I just love how yesterday gold and interference violet are twinkling through the cracks that have already started to form. I also like the milky quality that was left behind in the blue area… I am not sure if that will stay or change…. It’s all a mystery…two more days!

Day 8