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Tears, Soap Stone and a New Lesson in Patiance

Hello Everyone,

As of the last month I have been inspired to attempt a little soap stone carving. A few of my artist friends have expressed the meditative qualities of the process,and how beautiful and amazing it made them feel. So naturally I too would like to experience this. So I got a stone and some rasps.

As a printmaker I felt confident with the idea of putting in time and the need for a process, maybe a little to confident. I am struggling! Yes it’s true, me and the soap stone are not new BFF’s if you get my drift.  I thought a soft stone you can scratch with your fingernail would be easy and all I would need were a few rasps and a bit of sand paper. Then mix in a couple of hours of time and I should have a form showing. Not the case, this stone is a lot denser that I thought, hours of sanding and I have a dent in the stone. Funny I know! I could spend days on a lino block, a copper plate, even a drawing and be fine because I can see the progress of the process. But this adventure in soap stone has been frustrated, the process is a little to slow in even for me. I am tempted to get a dremel as I think a little power being the sanding may move things along a touch faster. But this is a investment that I think may not be a long term benefit, so I am re-framing from the purchase and pushing through with what I have.

Even though I feel a touch defeated I will keep chipping away at it and finish what it was that I started with. Although I think my final image will be at the mercy of the stone, I hope to have a picture to share that is more than a dent. At the end of the say I found a new process, with a new set of rules in the art of patience. It’s makes me happy to know that as curious people we never stop learning.

xo Trina


Studio Happenings and My Art of Gardening

So I am trying to be gardener.  Each year I try a few more plants both on the patio and in the ground. This year my friend has given me a Gypsy Pepper plant, Yellow Tomato, and Alpine Strawberries. Yummy! I am so excited to see if these little guys will provide me with some treats. So this is what I have been trying to do the past while, and why I haven’t been updating you with Studio Fridays events.  So let me do exactly that!

Lets see…May 1st was Wam! This was a fun Wine, Food, and Music event in the RCA. I liked that the food that was served was by local shops and it was paired with a local artist’s work in mind.The few treats that I did have were great!  I did not try any wine but I am sure it was wonderful! I should point out that I was surprised by the musical entertainment, as it was a one man band. Sorry but I did not get his name, but I can tell you he was amazing. I did a little performing myself, and worked on a drawing throughout the duration of the evening. It’s a great start to a monotype and I plan to be starting it some time next week. I will do my very best to document the process for you.

May 5th was my Studio Mates Opening. Evolutionary Fugue by Angela Bonten. It is an amazing show and if you find yourself near the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna you should take a moment and stop by. It will be be worth every moment.

So although I have been planting my tiny garden, I have been creating in the Studio as well. Here are some images. All of them are works in progress and may or may not have been influenced by my spring love of growing something eatable.


A New Process to Spark New Ideas

Last Friday I joined a few ladies for my first ever Zandoodle night. Yes I said ZAN doodle! To me it seems like a shortened description for zangy doodles. This form of art practice was loosening, rhythmic and a great way to just try stuff out. As a printmaker I am always attracted to process and this is a process with fewer guidelines. You simply draw a shape, fracture the shape, and fill the spaces. Ok, there is a bit more than that but this is the simple three step starter. It was nice to play with material that I wouldn’t normally pickup, simply because I do not have a need to using them in my current artistic practice. And now I am the proud owner of markers, and many other things that I have introduced to my drawing box. It was so much fun to sit around a table and share doodling ideas while learning a whole new process.  We shared color ideas, shapes, and stories while creating our page filled pictures. It was nice to hang out with great people for an evening, and it was a wonderful way to close up a Studio Friday!

It wasn’t easy to get started, I was recommended to begin with tracing my hand and then let the marks roll from there.  The second zandoodle was created the next day, with an early morning coffee. It was after my second attempt to creating a zandoodle that I began to see how these ideas will benefit larger scale drawings, as well as the possibilities in block printing. I hope your looking as forward as I am to seeing what might happen. I will be the first to admit that the pictures are not great but at least you get the idea.

A Little About Me

Trina Ganson received her diploma of fine arts from Okanagan University College in 2005. She then became an active member of Malaspina Printmakers Studio on Granville Island Vancouver. After a number of years Ganson returned to the Okanagan to finish her BFA. Trina graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2008, with a BFA majoring in printmaking techniques. Trina Ganson is currently an active member of Studio 113 in the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna BC.

I create organic landscapes and little critters using a variety of printmaking and drawing techniques.